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How to install teacher software

To get started, copy and paste this link into your address bar 

(you must be on the school internet to do this):


This is the same link it refers to in the video instructions. 

Creating LanSchool rosters from Skyward Data.mp4

How to Create Rosters for LanSchool from Skyward Info


How to upload students and basic control options

Copy of LanSchool for Student Device Management

What you need to type into the address bar (or copy and paste from here) when you open the file icon on your computer where documents are stored):


then double click on EnableChannelSelect.exe

If you installed LanSchool BEFORE Aug 25, 2023 and put in an individual school code during setup; please watch this video to change the "channel" setting. This should prevent every Chromebook in the school from displaying on your teacher page upon startup and cut down on problems with loading and potential crashes. To install LanSchool for the first time, or if you want to uninstall and reinstall, please see the video(s) below. Once you change your channel, you can load the same csv files for student info you used before.

LanSchool Demo - walkthrough.mp4
LanSchool Setup Instructions.pdf

Printable Setup Instructions

(Video Instructions are found further down this page)